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AMA SACCO is the brainchild of AMA-TUALU ENTERPRISES LIMITED (ATEL), a registered company located in the heart of Arua City since June 2021. ATEL has a membership of 100 like-minded shareholders across over 10 countries on four continents. One of the key businesses of ATEL is the AMA TUALU PHARMACY located opposite Arua Hill Stadium, along Arua-Pakwach Highway; a trusted Pharmacy to buy your drugs in Arua City.

Our Vision

To be the leading financial service provider for our members and the society.

Our Mission

Creating access to affordable financial services for our members and empowering their capacity through savings, lending and investments.

Strategic focus

1. To grow the membership and assets base of the SACCO to USh 3 billion by 2028; 2.To develop investment opportunities that are in line with the economic needs of members and the society.

Categories of membership

1 .Individual membership

2 . Juridical entities (companies, institutions or organisations can register as SACCO members).

General Information

1. Total Shares floated: 100,000 (USh. 2,000,000,000);

2. Each Share value: USh. 20,000;

3. Membership Share value: 100,000 (paid once);

4. Minimum Shares: USh.100,000 (5 Shares per month);

5. Minimum Savings: USh. 20,000 (monthly, no upper limit);

6. Annual Subscription: USh. 50,000.

How can I become a member?

Simply pay USh. 750,000 once or in 2-3 instalments within 3 months, with the 1st instalment: USh. 350,000. This includes: Membership fees (USh. 100,000), Annual subscription (USh. 50,000), Minimum purchase of shares for 5 months (USh. 500,000) and minimum monthly savings of 5 months (USh. 100,000).

What happens after becoming a member?

  1. 1. Members are required to buy a minimum of 5 shares (USh. 100,000 monthly);
  2. 2. Save a minimum of USh. 20,000 monthly;
  3. 3. A member can buy any number of Shares, provided 1/3 of the total number of the floated Shares is not exceeded. 
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Arua-Pakwach Highway: Opposite Arua-Hill Stadium, P. O. Box 1167, Arua


Ms. Annet Olema

+256 755592120


Mr. Eric Ron Sitaku

+256 777207494


Mr. Alfred Zaki

+256 783751828


Join us effective from 1st May 2023

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